How To Melt an 800K Debt? Begin it like this...

I am reading Abraham/Hicks: The Power of Deliberate Creation

Although the though underlying this book is quite simple, if you look with knowing eyes, if your eyes are not the "knowing" types, it is going to be quite a challenge to follow the thought process that changes you from a wannabe to an owner and a doer of your desires.

What? My thoughts are positive... you say, and you prove it to me by saying: I am happy, I am great... but yet, your life proves just the opposite.

Your life is a mirror of your dominant thoughts and beliefs... and that is that. You don't have to look what your thoughts and beliefs are in your head, you can just look outside.

Now, how come that even people who know this haven't been able to move from misery to bliss?

There is a little hidden truth that is not as known as it could be, because our MacDonalds way of thinking drowns it out.

Truth #1: You can get from where you are to where you want to be, even if it is three thousand miles from you.

Truth #2: You can't get there in one jump, or even in two.

Truth #3: You can get from point A to point B to point C easily... but you can't get from A to Z in one jump.

So what are you saying, Sophie, you are confusing me...

Am I? If you are 80K in depth, it won't disappear at once. If you are 800K in depth... that won't disappear at once.

Both are your point A, and your job is to get to point B first.

But I don't mean start paying off your lowest debt first... though it is not a bad idea. I mean first take yourself from a vibrational state where you will continue repel money coming to you and debt rushing to you to a vibrational/emotional state where the mood and feeling of your emotion is slightly gentler and higher than it is now.

Imagine yourself 800K in debt. Can you? For me it is easier to imagine being in debt 10K... but that's me: I have no debt. So 10K would mean for me: deep in debt.

Now look at your thoughts: will you find that there is a great despair and hopelessness under all your hopeful and cheerful words of pretense optimism?

So what would be point B of a situation like that?

I have one that I can think of: 800K is like 10K... once the ice cap starts to melt the whole iceberg is ready to go, unless I start adding to it...

Now, that is not such a bad thought, is it? It talks about something that gives you a glimmer of hope that can't be denied. but, you say, I will probably first need to add to that mountain before I can melt it...

Well, how about (and this will be point C! Pay attention!) if I start building a big fire and to build it and I still add to the iceberg temporarily, it still is the beginning of the end of the iceberg: because a big fire can melt any size of iceberg... so I am home free, right?

Do you see that I am starting to take responsibility for the solution instead of watching that mountain grow and feel incapacitated and incapable to make a dent in it?

Well, this is the Deliberate Creation of Abraham/Hicks, and it is wonderful, and it is gentle, and it works.

Here is an article I found: it is good, and it looks yet another way to increase your vibration to match what you want just a little better.

Think Like An Optimist

Many experts will tell you that when you change the way you look at things, you will change your life – and it’s true. If you’re sitting around expecting the worst of things, you’ll be certain to find the worst of things. You’ll find all of your mistakes along the way to your goals. You’ll notice all of the problems with your plan. And then you’ll stop trying because you’ve noticed that everything is going wrong.

This is where a lot of people fumble on the way to their happiness and the changes that they want to make. By trying so hard to recognize the bad things in their life, they forget about those things that are working well.

For just one day, try to see your life through the eyes of an optimist – a complete optimist. This might seem silly at first, but what you’re doing is bringing another perspective, an objective perspective into your view of the world.

Optimists look at the world as though it only has good things to offer and in that thinking, they see the opportunities for learning and growth, rather than the obstacles in their way. Instead of getting upset about the car that cut them off in traffic, they hope that there wasn’t an emergency that caused the driver to need to go so fast.

Optimism takes practice. What you might want to do is start thinking about your life as though it were the life of a good friend that you have. When you sense that something is wrong in your day, try to change your thinking to being more positive. For example, when your friend loses his or her job, you don’t tell her that it was because they were the worst employee (though you might tell yourself this), you tell them that it wasn’t their fault and that there must have been another reason.

When you start treating yourself and your life the way that you would treat a good friend, you start to see possibility in life, rather than problems.

An optimist is simply someone that strives to look for the good in everything. Just for today, you can try to do the same. Is it a realistic way to be every day? Who knows? But what you are doing is allowing your life to be as wonderful as you want it to be, and maybe as wonderful as it already is. You just weren’t looking for it.

Black Friday or how to get yourself into trouble


It's Black Friday. Now, don't ask me to tell you why it is called Black Friday: I don't know and I don't want to know.

What I do know is that today I experienced something that you want to hear, you want to learn from, today, and the rest of the year, black, pink red, blue days... any day.

Ok, a little background information: I normally don't read my emails. I normally keep myself walled away in blissful ignorance of what's hot, what I should buy, launches and the like. Not today.

For some reason, maybe because I decided to stay at home, alone, for Thanksgiving, I left myself wide open to the onslaught of marketing messages you probably get every day, including this very day.

I have chosen only two messages to read and follow up, which is not what most people do, and those two messages pushed me into a state that made me intensely curious and made me want to write this blogpost.

I have fallen a "I will never amount to anything" mood. I have fallen into a place, where those marketers have it, and I have nothing. Where all the answers to my problems are out there, with those marketers, and if I don't get it, or even if I do, I am doomed.

Not a pretty picture, is it? Now, if this had happened a year ago, I would have thought that it is personal. Because a year ago I was coaching a few people, but I wasn't in the position to see people, over time, 3-4 times a week, with their moods, with their ambitions and trials and tribulations. Now, I am.

And what I am seeing is that this is normal.

The marketing messages are designed this way. The marketing messages want you to think that "they" have the solution that you need, and that without them you are nothing, a hopeless wannabe, better off burying yourself off into some sandy dune...

Is this new? Probably not entirely new. Probably many of my past purchases have come from this same place: I remember when I spent my rent money on Frank Kern's Mind Control. Or The apprentice program. Or Smarts...

All of them proved to be not so inevitable to my success, in fact they did nothing for me. NOT A THING!

But, of course, this is a lot like gambling: hope is eternal, and you are hoping that this time it will be true, this time it will solve all my problems I didn't know I had.

And that last sentence is really key: skillful copy writing, skillful mind control, will create problems that you didn't know you had so that you can buy the exact solution to that problem that doesn't exist other than in your mind, now that you were told that you have that problem.

Like the "it" factor by Jason Moffat. Like the miracle supplement by Mark Joyner. (These were the two emails I read, uncharacteristically) today.

And, if you buy the solutions (that you won't have time to digest given that you already have 47 solutions that you don't have time to read, watch, listen to, implement) you are out of money, and go deeper into the hole and into hopelessness.

If you don't buy the solution, it gnaws at you until you buy it, or do something to get rid of the "parasite" that attached itself to your gut.

It is not an accident that I am using this parasite analogy: I have two cats that occasionally get a parasite until I rid them off it.

Their behavior is very similar to the behavior these sales practices create in you: craving. Craving something you don't need, only the parasite needs.

When my cats have the parasites, they eat like machines, they yowl all day for more food... food they don't need. Only the paraside nudges them to get more food so the parasite can get bigger, fatter, multipy, and eventually destroy its host.

After I spent my rent money repeatedly, I was out of the game for almost two years... had not money, wasn't in the market to buy every shiny object.

It didn't quite kill me, but almost. I watched the parasite "almost" entering my system today... I caught it, in just a nick of time.

But the real cost is: seeing the solution outside of myself, I stop generating my own actions, and look for the power outside of myself.

When I look at periods in my life when I was successful, I always generated the solutions from within, instead of wasting time researching, learning, etc.

When I was an architect, I looked at the terrain, I looked at the specs, and designed a winning building.

When I was a magazine publisher, I wrote an article from what I knew, designed an ad for an advertiser from what I knew... and life was working, money was coming in, no time was wasted.

When I was coaching someone, when I listened keenly, the solution was there, in the speaking of the client: I didn't have to waste time researching.

When I had money making projects in marketing, I just did it... and tweaked it from what was in front of me.

When I wanted to write an article, I wrote an article... no research, no looking for the power outside of myself.

But when I bought products, and courses, and software: I suddenly assigned magical powers to that piece of stuff and guess what I gave up at the same time? Looking for the power from within, that is the key to actual implementation.

Now, of course, it is important to learn. But the rule I learned along the way has been a winning one: you need a little bit of information, and a lot of implementing, if you want to be successful.

Most people reverse this, and never get out of the gate. And savvy operators, marketers, pry on you when you do that.

I got a taste of that today.

Your sphere of influence

I have lots of clients that struggle.

One of the common characteristics I can find is the fact that they are trying to do something big, but are surrounded by small thinking people.

Another one is that they have a small sphere of influence.

And the third one is that they don't know how to get more people to join their sphere of influence.

You will never be able to do anything really big, if you are isolated, and the "echo" that you hear about you is from people who think you are small, insignificant or crazy.

Many people go to seminars, they hang out with others there, but when they go home, they are back in their own backyard where they are considered just another wannabe.

What is the solution? What is you ARE a wannabe, but have the potential to influence thousands?

One great tool I found is twitter. And a great tool I found to build a list of followers is at, which is a free tool.

If life worked like it is "supposed to", it would build you a group of followers to the tune of millions, but of course life doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

But still, it is worth a try. All it takes is a minute or two...