Yes? No? What is the truth about success in Internet Marketing?

You have read my previous post (if not, you should... here is the link) you will appreciate that once you enter a new paradigm, many of the old behaviors and beliefs will show up as a definitive blockages, barriers to fully live and benefit from the paradigm shift.

One could think that to enter the paradigm of success is enough, but my experience with myself and clients has shown that until you start practicing the actions that come from the world-view of the new paradigm, only your "head" will live in the new zone, your body and your circumstances will lag behind.

It's Monday morning, and I have been working on a project for about 3 weeks. A project like this takes 4-5 hours, so why has it been taking so long, for me.

I did a challenge for one of my classes last Tuesday. I started at 9:30 pm, finished and 10:15 pm. There are people in that class that are still working on the same challenge.

I personally and actively helped one of them. As we were on Teamviewer, a client support software, free to use, I had to deal with three things:

  1. the job in front of me, the actual doing,
  2. the job of commentary, so she can turn around and do it herself
  3. the constant chatter of the other student.

I took many hours to complete the task successfully. What was the difference between the 45-minute and the many-hour examples? It was one little thing: when I was doing it for myself, with the intent to win, I kept saying in my head: "Don't think, just follow instructions." It was a yes to doing and no to thinking, wandering, following links, doing unrelated tasks.

When I was doing it for the other student, her constant pull to unrelated questions and activities made the task a marathon instead of a sprint, and I had to stay up till 2 am... which is way past my bedtime.

So, can you guess what I have been doing this 4-hour project I have been attempting (trying) to complete for 3 weeks now? You guessed right: I have been doing everything else remotely connected to this task: logo design, logo redesign, searching for examples, searching for more examples, creating variations, and on and on and on.

Now, why would I do that? That's a real question... I'll give you the answer if you comment on this post. Guess why I've taken three weeks to "almost" complete a 4-hour task? If you guess correctly, I'll give you access to my membership site, for a whole month for just 1 cent... it's worth hundreds.

OK, go and comment below.

Will You Succeed or Will You Fail in Internet Marketing?

When you ask people what made them who they are today, invariably all of them answer a version of the same thing: The past.

How they express this varies: my parents, my schooling, what I have been doing, my genes, etc. etc. but all in all, they all mean the same: what makes me who I am today is the past.

If that were true, that would be bad news, really.

Imagine that it is true. Now see yourself trying to be successful online. Given your track record, and your genes, and your past behavior, how much chance do you have for success?

I'd love to say zero, but it would be unfair to many of you. So instead, I answer it in a way that applies to all of you:

The same as yesterday. Or a year ago...

Now, that is a total bummer, isn't it?

And it is total hogwash. It is a lie. It is an illusion.

If that were true, no change would be possible. And people do change. Not many, not often, but they do.

If change weren't possible, then...

People would not suddenly become winners, they would never move out of their current predicament.

Jim Edwards would still be living in a trailer park delivering newspapers every morning. Probably alone, because his wife would not have put up with it this long... :-)

Mike Littman would still be working at a local store selling wares, live in a rented room, and would not be a celebrated coach and entrepreneur.

I would be still depressed every day and bemoan my portion in life.

I would give you more examples, but I want to go on with this... this is so important.

If your past gives your who you am today, then you am screwed... so maybe it is the circumstances that give you the chance or no chance for success, isn't that true?

Maybe, let's look: Have you ever read the statistics about lottery winners? They all felt that the winnings destroyed their lives. They spent or lost the money they won in two-six years, and were worse off than they were before the winnings.

So what is the truth about this?

Who you are being, at any moment, is given by the future you live into.

What do I mean by that? If your mindset is that of a pauper, your mind will make sure continue living like a pauper.

If your mindset is that of a millionaire, you can lose everything and it will come back to you faster than you made your first million.

But how do you know what your mindset is? Answer: look around you, look at your life, and see what you have, what you do, who you hang out with. They all come from your mindset.

Oh no, Sophie, that is bad news. So how do I change that? I want to be rich, live the easy life... how can I get that?

My answer to this: change the future you live into.

Easier said than done.

Most people think they can do it once, and then it is all done... but you must create an appealing future many times, every day, for the rest of your life, if you want the change to stick.

Because it is very true that the past has a hold on your future, and it is not very willing to let go.

A friend of mine got very ill a few years ago. She had no idea it had anything to do with her until one day a kindly massage therapist suggested that she avoids any negativity in her environment, including talking daily to her excessively negative mother. Including watching television. Including reading the newspaper.

She made that sacrifice, and she got well.

But the past and negativity is catching up with her nowadays: I read her emails and she is always pissed about something, hates something else... how long is she going to stay well, physically and financially?

My prediction is: not long, if she doesn't catch herself. And FAST.

She used to have a daily ritual to put herself in a winning state of mind, and she has been slacking off. Or maybe she started to talk to her mother... or some other negative folks... students maybe?

Anyway, what you want to be left with is this: Change the future you live into and you can change yourself into a person who can and will have that future. Then you can buy an internet marketing program and suck out every juicy benefit... and make more money with it... instead of having it collect dust on your shelf or hard drive... Do you know what I am talking about?

I am a master at helping people change their mindset... while I guide you in YOUR business.

I have unique programs where people start a new business and I coach them through it while having plenty of opportunity to change their mindset. My next coaching program will be starting in a few weeks.

This program is not right for everyone who is interested in it, and I only take people for whom it is right.

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I hope to speak with you soon.

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