When and How You Should Argue with Your Coach?

This is important, and I hope everyone gets it.

As a coach, I often experience people taking my remarks as criticism, and are compelled to protect or defend themselves. I normally "fire them" as clients. Why? Because they are missing the point. And I am not about wasting my "Light" on black holes...

You hire a coach to point out what they can see from their point of view.

What is their point of view?

That is immaterial. The only thing that matters is that their point of view is not the same as yours, because their eyes (view... get it?) is not behind YOUR eyeballs.

When you are defending what you are doing, you are arguing for staying the same with the exact same results you have gotten thus far.

When you are willing, for a moment, to look and see what the other person is seeing, you are creating the possibility of a future, discontinuous from where your future has headed before this moment.

If my takeaway from this whole 8-week program that cost $1000 were ONLY that I should ask myself a question every time I set up an item on my todo list: "How is this going to make me money?" I would have gotten my money's worth. And more.

Often just asking this question will lead to multiples of that thousand bucks, and I have the opportunity to ask that question 4 times a day!

This is where millionaires are made, in these questions, and in the moments when a coach interferes with your "already always" way of looking at life and doing things.

Your job is to listen and look. And if you are a hotheaded Hungarian/Israeli/New Yorker, like me, you can curse under your breath, but look, nevertheless, and NEVER argue with a coach. It doesn't hurt them, it hurts YOU.

Merry Christmas.

How To Melt an 800K Debt? Begin it like this...

I am reading Abraham/Hicks: The Power of Deliberate Creation

Although the though underlying this book is quite simple, if you look with knowing eyes, if your eyes are not the "knowing" types, it is going to be quite a challenge to follow the thought process that changes you from a wannabe to an owner and a doer of your desires.

What? My thoughts are positive... you say, and you prove it to me by saying: I am happy, I am great... but yet, your life proves just the opposite.

Your life is a mirror of your dominant thoughts and beliefs... and that is that. You don't have to look what your thoughts and beliefs are in your head, you can just look outside.

Now, how come that even people who know this haven't been able to move from misery to bliss?

There is a little hidden truth that is not as known as it could be, because our MacDonalds way of thinking drowns it out.

Truth #1: You can get from where you are to where you want to be, even if it is three thousand miles from you.

Truth #2: You can't get there in one jump, or even in two.

Truth #3: You can get from point A to point B to point C easily... but you can't get from A to Z in one jump.

So what are you saying, Sophie, you are confusing me...

Am I? If you are 80K in depth, it won't disappear at once. If you are 800K in depth... that won't disappear at once.

Both are your point A, and your job is to get to point B first.

But I don't mean start paying off your lowest debt first... though it is not a bad idea. I mean first take yourself from a vibrational state where you will continue repel money coming to you and debt rushing to you to a vibrational/emotional state where the mood and feeling of your emotion is slightly gentler and higher than it is now.

Imagine yourself 800K in debt. Can you? For me it is easier to imagine being in debt 10K... but that's me: I have no debt. So 10K would mean for me: deep in debt.

Now look at your thoughts: will you find that there is a great despair and hopelessness under all your hopeful and cheerful words of pretense optimism?

So what would be point B of a situation like that?

I have one that I can think of: 800K is like 10K... once the ice cap starts to melt the whole iceberg is ready to go, unless I start adding to it...

Now, that is not such a bad thought, is it? It talks about something that gives you a glimmer of hope that can't be denied. but, you say, I will probably first need to add to that mountain before I can melt it...

Well, how about (and this will be point C! Pay attention!) if I start building a big fire and to build it and I still add to the iceberg temporarily, it still is the beginning of the end of the iceberg: because a big fire can melt any size of iceberg... so I am home free, right?

Do you see that I am starting to take responsibility for the solution instead of watching that mountain grow and feel incapacitated and incapable to make a dent in it?

Well, this is the Deliberate Creation of Abraham/Hicks, and it is wonderful, and it is gentle, and it works.

Here is an article I found: it is good, and it looks yet another way to increase your vibration to match what you want just a little better.

Think Like An Optimist

Many experts will tell you that when you change the way you look at things, you will change your life – and it’s true. If you’re sitting around expecting the worst of things, you’ll be certain to find the worst of things. You’ll find all of your mistakes along the way to your goals. You’ll notice all of the problems with your plan. And then you’ll stop trying because you’ve noticed that everything is going wrong.

This is where a lot of people fumble on the way to their happiness and the changes that they want to make. By trying so hard to recognize the bad things in their life, they forget about those things that are working well.

For just one day, try to see your life through the eyes of an optimist – a complete optimist. This might seem silly at first, but what you’re doing is bringing another perspective, an objective perspective into your view of the world.

Optimists look at the world as though it only has good things to offer and in that thinking, they see the opportunities for learning and growth, rather than the obstacles in their way. Instead of getting upset about the car that cut them off in traffic, they hope that there wasn’t an emergency that caused the driver to need to go so fast.

Optimism takes practice. What you might want to do is start thinking about your life as though it were the life of a good friend that you have. When you sense that something is wrong in your day, try to change your thinking to being more positive. For example, when your friend loses his or her job, you don’t tell her that it was because they were the worst employee (though you might tell yourself this), you tell them that it wasn’t their fault and that there must have been another reason.

When you start treating yourself and your life the way that you would treat a good friend, you start to see possibility in life, rather than problems.

An optimist is simply someone that strives to look for the good in everything. Just for today, you can try to do the same. Is it a realistic way to be every day? Who knows? But what you are doing is allowing your life to be as wonderful as you want it to be, and maybe as wonderful as it already is. You just weren’t looking for it.

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Awesome...this was very engaging, well done and informative. I've got to pull out my Kolbe analysis to see
what my scores are again. Thanks for the reminder.

I didn't see your website address on the screen to know where to go to enroll.


or this is what one of my students, Jill had to say

jrthoreson: Thank you Sophie! It was a wonderful presentation! Innovative Stuff! You are going to be famous and I can say, I was one of her first students. Boy am I the lucky onejrthoreson: We really need to drive traffic to your squeeze page jrthoreson: they can get your webinar! teachers will want it... jrthoreson: gurus are going to be wanting your methods!! jrthoreson: no, it's going to make a difference in the way internet marketers...but all learning is done

jrthoreson: it is the way to teach so people learn...and they change their mindset...to be more
5:35 PM jrthoreson: i was very impressed...it was even better than the last ones...you seemed more at home with doing this
jrthoreson: today was like you have been doing this for years..
5:36 PM jrthoreson: i didn't really even notice that...you were in command...of the whole process.
there were just a coulple little boobooos, like the link...but for your Third presentation...it was amazing!
5:37 PM me: thank you. I just got an email from William and he liked it too
jrthoreson: i really KNEW you are amazing this morning at the all apprentice call
i got it!
5:38 PM i got that we have something special in our groupjrthoreson: i Got that we are different
jrthoreson: yes, seeing us, seeing you work with others not in our group...was very enlightening
5:39 PM And Tiffany and Allen...sounded like they have been doing this for years..
jrthoreson: their voices were different
5:40 PM jrthoreson:
I was realizing that...I know...what I am doing and I am grateful
5:41 PM i feel more like an expert
jrthoreson: but not an "expert" just that I felt like I could share...
i felt strong...i suddenly just got it...it was so ...lightening quick
5:42 PM
jrthoreson: yes.....I think its the training that is changing the way I see the world...

jrthoreson: well, it's got to be the biggest movement in my life....since I learned how to....I don't know...fly planes!
you are right
5:45 PM :)

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