The Foundations of Public Speaking

communication is a rare magical "event" that one experiences.

Introducing A Course in Public Speaking

Communication is a vital key in this new century. Maybe it has always been a vital skill, but I doubt it. When I grew up, there wasn't even a good word for it, you talked, you spoke, you discussed, but you didn't say: you communicated.

Today it is so vital, that in relationships, whether at work or at home, the number one cause of failure is failing to communicate. Now, if you think that telling someone something is communication, then you are sorely mistaken.

I have seen people talk hundreds of times, but communication is a rare magical "event" that one experiences. There is the inaudible sound of "click" when real communication takes place. No wonder there are so many communication courses... we all know that the access to love and success, and power, is communication.

Public speaking is supposed to be communication, but is rarely that. Most of the time it is one person talking to many, which means most people don't feel included. Imagine someone, standing in front of a large audience, say: "I love you." You listen to it, and you laugh to yourself: "you idiot, you don't even know me, do you expect me to believe you?"

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