What Doesn't Make Sense in Internet Marketing Training

I am a coach. I coach internet marketing, I coach mindset... and I love it.

What I don't love is getting all the people that end up with me that got their start with other coaches... coaches that lack the most fundamental elements of teaching, attitudes , thinking, foundation, and actions steps.

I mean... after all they call it internet BUSINESS... so one could expect that some business know-how rubs off on these coaches... but it doesn't seem that way to me. At least when I look at their results: clueless students.

The latest evidence for the current marketing training culture I had last night when one of my students kept on griping why I would not coddle and nurture his inane, stupid, clumsy, poorly thought out, unproven attempts at product creation. Why I don't tell him "this is good and you could change this, or you could change that..." type of politically correct but mistaken and damaging way of teaching and leading someone to success.

When I learned (and later taught) architecture, the typical scenario was:

  1. you had an idea. you put it on paper and you brought it in for your twice a week consultation.
  2. the teacher looked at it, placed a semi-transparent sketching paper on top of it, and drew his "response" to your idea. Most of the time there seemed to be no connection: just that HIS idea was triggered by your idea.
  3. you went home, you draw the idea, to scale, on paper an brought it back to your next consultation.
  4. the teacher looked at it, placed a semi-transparent sketching paper on top of it, and drew his "response" to your idea. Most of the time there seemed to be no connection: just that HIS idea was triggered by your idea.
  5. you went home, you draw the idea, to scale, on paper an brought it back to your next consultation.

You did this for the next 20-25 times. Then it was time to finalize the plan, so he stopped getting triggered.

You got a grade. You went through this process about 10 times during your 5-year training. On the other end you came out as an architect. You wondered if you were talented or you had good teachers. But you found out soon enough. Your grades reflected your talent and your willingness to take correction very accurately.

I had an A- from all my design subjects. I became an award winning architect. Some of my friends had B's or even C's and their later achievements showed a consistent level... go figure.

Had the teacher told me: this is really good, just try to change this or that, I would have stayed in my own little world of puny. Never would have gone the 20+ incarnation of the same project, 200-300 during my studies. I would have become an "I can design one type of building, if you want that, come along." type of architect. Boring, and not very satisfying, not very profitable.

The architecture school I was studying at and later taught at had a success rate of 90 percent. Internet marketing programs, coaching programs, apprentice programs, etc. have a less than 5% success rate.

Do you think the teaching methodology has something to do with it? ... and the fact that ALL teachers at architecture school had to be successful working architects or they would lose their job?

Do you thing the selection process has something to do with it? To get into architecture school you needed to be better than 95% of the applicants: there were 20 people vying for every spot. My best friend got in only the second time around. She is a good architect, still working. Not great, but good.

Today I teach internet marketing the same way. the student has the idea, works it up, maybe records it, writes it, slides, mindmap, the whole nine yard. Then we meet on the internet and I do the equivalent of the sketch paper: I suggest a new way of doing the whole project. He goes home and does the whole thing again. Some whine that I didn't coddle them. Some get discouraged. But all learn. All... unless they don't have the mental toughness to stick it out.

4 weeks Made Us an Expert... check it out

When we got in, we were a bunch of sissies, newbies, wannabes.

Watch what happened after just one month of bootcamp type training to this bunch of bozos...

Webinar Crusher 2.0, Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro's just graduating another class...

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Awesome...this was very engaging, well done and informative. I've got to pull out my Kolbe analysis to see
what my scores are again. Thanks for the reminder.

I didn't see your website address on the screen to know where to go to enroll.


or this is what one of my students, Jill had to say

jrthoreson: Thank you Sophie! It was a wonderful presentation! Innovative Stuff! You are going to be famous and I can say, I was one of her first students. Boy am I the lucky onejrthoreson: We really need to drive traffic to your squeeze page jrthoreson: they can get your webinar! teachers will want it... jrthoreson: gurus are going to be wanting your methods!! jrthoreson: no, it's going to make a difference in the way internet marketers...but all learning is done

jrthoreson: it is the way to teach so people learn...and they change their mindset...to be more
5:35 PM jrthoreson: i was very impressed...it was even better than the last ones...you seemed more at home with doing this
jrthoreson: today was like you have been doing this for years..
5:36 PM jrthoreson: i didn't really even notice that...you were in command...of the whole process.
there were just a coulple little boobooos, like the link...but for your Third presentation...it was amazing!
5:37 PM me: thank you. I just got an email from William and he liked it too
jrthoreson: i really KNEW you are amazing this morning at the all apprentice call
i got it!
5:38 PM i got that we have something special in our groupjrthoreson: i Got that we are different
jrthoreson: yes, seeing us, seeing you work with others not in our group...was very enlightening
5:39 PM And Tiffany and Allen...sounded like they have been doing this for years..
jrthoreson: their voices were different
5:40 PM jrthoreson:
I was realizing that...I know...what I am doing and I am grateful
5:41 PM i feel more like an expert
jrthoreson: but not an "expert" just that I felt like I could share...
i felt strong...i suddenly just got it...it was so ...lightening quick
5:42 PM
jrthoreson: yes.....I think its the training that is changing the way I see the world...

jrthoreson: well, it's got to be the biggest movement in my life....since I learned how to....I don't know...fly planes!
you are right
5:45 PM :)

If you have time, go and watch my classmates' 90-min presentations on webinar... you'll be equally impressed.


The Best Copywriting Advice I Have Ever Had

You may know that copywriting is one of the most important parts of marketing... online, offline, anywhere.

So with that said, I am an avid reader of copywriting advice. I found an interview on my hard drive today on copywriting, and it is the best advice I have ever heard.

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You see, most copywriters teach you headline, benefits, call to action... i. e. the parts of sales copy.

I haven't heard anyone before teaching a whole system of organizing your copywriting like an architect would design a building... it makes sense to me, it makes it easy, it makes it faster, better, and more fun.

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Internet Marketing Kindergarten

In this article I start the conversation about Universal Laws that you can unwittingly and unknowingly violate and fail before you start.

I posted a "note" on my facebook profile today... on the universal law, The Law of Process, that is dismissed by millions of wannabees... and that may be the most important insight I have ever had with regards to why people don't act in spite of their lofty dreams.

And then later today I heard Jim Edwards' inspired rant about the same thing... using his own going-to-the-gym as an example of how one can actually take action on what they want... in his case, go to the gym and work out, seriously.

And I also heard his resigned "ehh" off camera at the end of the video.

We, coaches, all feel that way. We want you to succeed... we can take you to the water, but we can't force you to drink.. And, it seems, you don't, even though, you say, you are thirsty....

So my note, and my planned Internet Kindergarten may be a solution for some... I won't kid myself that it is for everyone... but for the ones that if you put their snout into the water, they wake up, they say "water" and start drinking it...

Are you one of them?

Send me an email at mavencentral-339076@autocontactor.com
to get yourself on my notification list.

It will be fun.

Internet Marketing Beginnings

This article takes a look what keeps internet marketing wannabees stuck and how to unstuck them. It says: "Each great thing that was ever built started with something that had the greatness, as a potential only.

Most didn't look like the start of something great. Many times it was a comedy of errors and their correction that took someone to something big."

I had an inspiration this morning: I woke up early. I made myself a cup of tea, went back to bed, and read a little.

About an hour later I woke up from a dream of writing THIS article. Here it is, just the way it came to me in my dream:

Each great thing that was ever built started with something that had the greatness, as a potential only.

Most didn't look like the start of something great. Many times it was a comedy of errors and their correction that took someone to something big.

But, you say, we are always told to create with the big picture in mind... Oh yes, that one. I know that well. The misunderstanding of that notion has robbed me of many successes...

The misunderstanding of that principle has rendered me undecisive, unresponsive, tentative, or jumping from one sure thing to another.

Imagine if the tree thought that every seed it is producing must become a big tree... it would be so afraid of living, it would start to shrink and refuse to go to seed. The prospect of so many wasted seeds would kill the tree's aliveness and creativity.

No, greatness is a potential, dormant in every little seed, and with enough great little seeds produced, one of them may become a big tree...

Let's look at MY story.

Back in 1988 I found myself unemployed from architecture, and unemployable at the same time... don't ask me why, I won't tell.

I was spending quite a few months depressed, going to self help programs, 12-step, Werner Erhard and Associates, etc. ... barely having 3-day worth of work a month to live on.

I couldn't think of anything to do... I was too entrenched in being an architect. At some point, I did an exercise from the "What Color Is Your Parachute" and found that what I wanted to do, that caused me pleasure, is "put ink on paper and communicate."

I took it literally at the time, and thought advertising or publishing.

I didn't know much of either.

I went and apprenticed (free) with a small printer for a while, and learned some stuff, bought a letter press with some letters, wrote advertising in mail order magazines... to sell some pyramid schemes... and then when I really needed some money to earn, I wrote a letter to the two throw-away magazines in my area, asking if they had a job opening for publisher's apprentice.

One of them called and said that such a job didn't exist but I could start selling advertising. No "draw" (salary), only commission. Does that put me closer to publishing, I asked, and the guy said yes. I took the job.

I was trained by another salesperson. We visited a few stores in my town--typical advertisers in that paper. We sold 5 small ads that day. I say "we", but I think it was her. That day completed my training. Next day I walked back to the business area of my little town, and found that by the time I got there, the training salesperson had driven there and sold them, or attempted to. I had no wheels, and soon I had no hope.

I called the other magazine, and bragged that I had sold 7 ads my first week for their competitor... they were impressed. They gave me a 200 dollar advance, and a beat up car with a gas card.

I worked my butt off, sold ads, delivered magazines, partook in every office meeting, went to the printer, went to the typesetter, collected monies... two months later, I was put in charge of designing the ads and laying out the magazine. Two more months later I was offered a partnership in the magazine. Still, my best week I made $400... I didn't have many good weeks.

I worked 20 hours a day 7 days a week... I was bossy, I was certain, I was "dynamic", I was disrespectful... 5 months later I was offered the choice to resign, or... blackmail. I resigned. No-brainer.

That same evening I called all the advertisers in my care, the typesetting company and the printer with the same question: Would you take a chance on me for one issue? They all said yes, so next day there was a brand new magazine born, printed and delivered.

I made money with the first issue, and with every issue thereafter. More than $400 a week. :-)

That magazine, through the time, became 90-thousand circulation strong, and I published it for 11 years.

Now, there are two lessons in this story: 1. I first looked what it is that I love so much that I would do it for free (putting ink on paper and communicate) and 2. I was willing to fumble through phases that didn't seem to go anywhere, and I was rewarded through small corrective steps, with a business I loved.

When I watch internet marketing, I see many thousands who never get started. They got attracted to the visions of greatness (millions of dollars) but are unable or unwilling to start where one needs to start in fear of starting at the wrong place.

I have had coaching clients that were so afraid of making the wrong move, that they never got started... that is until I made them do stuff...

I have had coaching clients that wanted to do internet marketing, but hated every aspect of it... and sucked at it too... of course.

I have had coaching clients that thought that without any skills they can make millions and they never actually learned anything...

Remember, childhood was to learn skills, without the significance. At least in most countries... of course, in the US kids must perform early on, sports are not skill builders, but opportunities to be big... which teaches us early on that we were supposed to be born with the skills we need, and if we weren't, then we are doomed.

The same applies in business. You need to play first in the sandbox, and build some easy structures, without the significance. Write an article here, a blogpost there, a salesletter here, make a video there, copy and rewrite an ebook, just to practice the structure... Just to get a feel what you like to do. What you are good at.

Every guru you meet started that way.

My current favorite, Eben Pagan, wrote an ebook, full of typos, and that's how he started his now 20 million dollars a year empire, 7 years ago. He wrote about something he knew something about: seduction. Something that he was personally very interested in... he desperately wanted companionship...

He has made it big. With a topic like that. He learned as he went. He had mentors, teachers, mastermind partners every step of the way. It wasn't a straight path... not in the least.

You can do it too. Just start getting that every tree came from a seed sometimes as tiny as a pinhead, and then grew. It went through the phases... It didn't come out a tree at once. It was a seedling for a long time.