The Boomerang Principle

I have a friend that asked me to post for her a few times a day on Craigslist. Not my favorite activity, but it meant the difference of her being able to work or not, so I decided to help her.

The few days became a month...

Now, if you don't know Craigslist the way I know Craigslist, here are a few interesting facts: people that post (for themselves or others) on that site are very competitive and live in a scarcity mentality.

Craigslist does not police its boards, it is left to the visitors to "flag" inappropriate content, or spam. And flagging they do.

For one, that site is a spammers' paradise. The spam ads, thinly disguised as regular ads, some days, take up as many as 80% of the ads.

But guess what? those are NOT the ads that get removed, oh no, what gets removed are the competitors' ads. Boggles the mind.

Some advertisers have even smartened up, and they copy the format of the spam, so that they don't get removed.

In the first week I got sucked in, big time. I am not telling you this because I am proud of it, I am telling you because I'll need this for the punchline of this letter :-)

At the beginning of this week, my friend's ads were all flagged, all the way back 45 days earlier. I only wonder how long it took for someone to go back and seek out her ads that far back.

My first reaction was to go and flag THEIR ads... whoever THEY were... and then it occurred to me: If and when I do that, I become just like them.

Instead I prepared a post with the title: "The Boomerang Principle"

Here are the first two paragraphs:

Hi Guys! Whoever is removing ALL my ads,
even taking the time to go back to the
beginning of November to find them all...

The Boomerang Principle says that what
goes around comes around.

And then I just continue with her ad copy, as if nothing happened.
This was 4 days ago... the ad is still there.

But the real lesson to learn is what happened to me:

First off, since I first posted for this friend, my income had dropped about 40%... not good.

Since I posted The Boomerang Principle, I have recouped my losses. In 4 days...

There is truth in The Boomerang Principle.

PS: If you haven't figured: The Boomerang Principle is just one name of the famous Law of Attraction.

...And the Law of Cause and Effect... the law underlying Karma. The law supremely important in Kabbalah. And as we see, the law extremely important to my finances and my well being.

Did Your Personality Get Put Together vs. You Were Born That Way?

I got a thank you note today. I get quite a few of those, I must admit.

They are a great way for me to track how the methodologies and principles I use in my teaching work. I mean, how effective I am, how effective the methods are. They track my ability to make a difference in the world. (Someone please remind me to write about how I view my making a difference... OK?)

This note reads

Today was a huge success. I did not even recognize myself. I was attempting to have a conversation with my sister when she became extremely aggressive upon trying to control me and failing. She was in my face yelling and pacing around in circles. I remained calm and did not attempt to defend myself as the lies flew at me. I was able to stick to the subject and not accuse. At this point her husband jumped in and tried to intimidate me, pointing his finger in my face and yelling. They both looked like mad men ganging up on me. I did not raise my voice or get emotional. This is the first time in my life I had no fear in a confrontational situation and it felt GREAT! To be honest I think it frightened my sister & her husband. They did not know what to think of me, I have had many weaknesses in the past but now I am strong.

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Law of Attraction vs. Victim Mentality... Choose!

I want to address the phenomenon of the Law of Attraction vs. "victim mentality" in today's post.

Most of us interpret the Law of Attraction as a kind of "Cosmic Soup Kitchen" where you sit at a table, a waitperson comes and takes your order, and then you wait for your order to come.

Sometimes your order comes, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes you get something totally different, something that you didn’t want.

Some people's order comes faster than yours, some others' slower, or never.

It all seems random, and capricious. Like the Universe is playing a game with you.

Frustrating to most, happy and great for some. It seems like there are chosen people, or lucky, and something invisible marks YOU as the one who should never get ahead, never get what you want.

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