Promo Dashboard...

You see, no matter what you want to sell, if you don't promote it, you won't sell many of it.

But how to promote stuff, in what order, how to keep track of what has been done and what needs to get done when, is way above most people's head.

Even creating a plan for promotion is beyond me... and I have been in this for a long time. So what do I do? Oh well, the good old fashioned winging it comes useful.

But what is wrong with winging it? Well, in addition to it being ineffective, time and money hogging... it's a real headache. You know you could do more, or better, but what?

Marlon Sanders to the rescue again, and his new product A simple scheduling, a what and a when... for the whole process. I promise, if you have something to promote, you will make your investment back in one week, max.

Click image for a full size image of the dashboard.

I bought the program myself. I have gone to the first of the 36 buttons, and I decided that just that one button is worth the price. I have learned what's there is a 7 thousand dollar program, that had 5 modules, and this was the topic of one of them, so I paid more than a thousand dollars to gain the same knowledge. I am not kidding you. I am so impressed with this dashboard, that I am going to use it in my own teaching, it is as good as what I can teach, and it is much less money than you would pay me... so it is a good deal for everyone.

If you are interested in internet marketing, you would be crazy not to buy this less than 60 buck product. Go, buy it, it is still

The Role of Info Product Creation in Creating Passive Income

If you make money, you belong to one of these categories of moneymakers:

  1. You trade your time for money. You have a job. Your income has a limit, because the amount of hours and the amount of money customarily paid per hour is limited. This is true if you are a cleaning lady, if you are a dentist, or if you are a movie star... (which shows that the limit can be high, but it is a limit nevertheless). You trade your life for money...
  2. You are self-employed: see #1. it is still a job.... How do you know it? If you are not working (sick, vacation, work on something else), you don't earn money.
  3. You own a business but it needs you... it may not have a limit, but you still trade your life for money. See #1 and #2
  4. You own a business, and you set it up such, that it sporadically, if ever, needs you, or your time, or your expertise. Unlimited income, and your life is yours.
  5. You made money earlier, and now your money is working for you. The problem: did you trade your life for that seed capital?

As you see, #4 is the most desirable way to make money: you can have your cake and eat it too.

Now, if you are like most of the readers of this blog, you are a coach, consultant, trainer, or a combination of these.

What is the fastest and most reliable way to be in the position of #4 for you?

Well, if you are like me, you have a lot of knowledge, you have been tested by having clients as a coach, consultant, of speaker. Which, in business terms, means: you have knowledge that other people want.

So for you, the best way to create a business, or a part of a business that makes money even when you sleep, sick, or on vacation, is to create a passive income source: work once, and get paid, over, and over, and over, and over.

Your product should be an information product.

OK, you say, that's easy... And it may very well be! But creating a product will not automatically mean sales, and therefore passive income. You need a Marketing Machine, that you throw the information product in one end, and money comes out on the other, day in-day out.

This sounds like magic, and in a way it is.

Lots of people teach how to do this, but most people still fail. There is only one product that I have tried that teaches this well, at a modest price, and does an exceptional job at holding your hand while you walk "the yellow brick road" to success, and that is the Info Product Dashboard. See the little video below about one principle no one will teach you quite like this way... but it works, it is true, and if you miss it, you are doomed to fail.

I have bought it, and I recommend it. It's about 80 bucks, and it can be the missing piece of this puzzle for you. Go and get it!
To your success,

PS: go and get the dashboard: Info Product Dashboard