A free tool to find sites to place pcm ads... great tool

I'll admit it... I have been an internet marketing junkie. I buy more stuff than I have time to use.

Software, ebooks, reports, whole programs. Most of them are still in their wrappers or collecting "dust" on my computer.

Some, on the other hand are used and used and used.

I found something just like that this past week.

It's free, and it is amazing. I was thinking of hiring an assistant to do the work that it does, and probably the assistant would have done a worse job than this software for tons of money. I have been there, I have done that.

I am recommending this as a MUST-USE tool to anyone who wants more targeted traffic...

This free tool finds high-traffic, highly targeted sites that you can get a lot of traffic from for a lot less than normal PPC rates.

Go right now and try it...

This is a valuable free tool: http://www.sophieslist.com/

I love it. I have already got my eyes on some sites to get traffic from for an affiliate program that I had a hard time getting more traffic for. I would have had a hard time finding those sites, or it would have cost me hours of frustration to find them.

I'll probably make a Camtasia video to show how to benefit from it in the smartest way...


Client showcase: Alice Vliestra

For Women Only:
Creating Relationships

* Have you ever noticed that "doing what comes naturally" with the opposite sex leads to frustration?
* Are you feeling confused, uncertain and stressed out?

* Discover how common assumptions you thought were true can lead you astray.

* Have you ever felt that men are emotionally unavailable and self-absorbed? Do you find that men don't listen?
* Some women can communicate and hold men's attention. -- I will teach you their secret.

* Would you like to get what you need and want without being pushy? -- Learn how to communicate effectively, being both powerful and feminine.

* Would you like to grow beyond your old relationship mistakes? -- We will introduce you to the "Attractor Field Technique" (AFT). AFT allows you to thrive in the face of adversity.

* Discover how hidden beliefs can make or break relationships.

* Learn how to get the love that you want in your personal relationships, These secrets are also effective in communicating with all men, including your father, sons, brothers and coworkers.

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