A free tool to find sites to place pcm ads... great tool

I'll admit it... I have been an internet marketing junkie. I buy more stuff than I have time to use.

Software, ebooks, reports, whole programs. Most of them are still in their wrappers or collecting "dust" on my computer.

Some, on the other hand are used and used and used.

I found something just like that this past week.

It's free, and it is amazing. I was thinking of hiring an assistant to do the work that it does, and probably the assistant would have done a worse job than this software for tons of money. I have been there, I have done that.

I am recommending this as a MUST-USE tool to anyone who wants more targeted traffic...

This free tool finds high-traffic, highly targeted sites that you can get a lot of traffic from for a lot less than normal PPC rates.

Go right now and try it...

This is a valuable free tool: http://www.sophieslist.com/

I love it. I have already got my eyes on some sites to get traffic from for an affiliate program that I had a hard time getting more traffic for. I would have had a hard time finding those sites, or it would have cost me hours of frustration to find them.

I'll probably make a Camtasia video to show how to benefit from it in the smartest way...


Your sphere of influence

I have lots of clients that struggle.

One of the common characteristics I can find is the fact that they are trying to do something big, but are surrounded by small thinking people.

Another one is that they have a small sphere of influence.

And the third one is that they don't know how to get more people to join their sphere of influence.

You will never be able to do anything really big, if you are isolated, and the "echo" that you hear about you is from people who think you are small, insignificant or crazy.

Many people go to seminars, they hang out with others there, but when they go home, they are back in their own backyard where they are considered just another wannabe.

What is the solution? What is you ARE a wannabe, but have the potential to influence thousands?

One great tool I found is twitter. And a great tool I found to build a list of followers is at http://www.sophieslist.com/tweetmillions, which is a free tool.

If life worked like it is "supposed to", it would build you a group of followers to the tune of millions, but of course life doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

But still, it is worth a try. All it takes is a minute or two...