What is the purpose of life?

magic mirror and other methods to keep yourself connected to your soulWhat is the purpose of life?

There are many schools of thought. I am most attracted to the paradigm of the holographic universe AND the very compatible older one: the kabbalistic world view.

Either there is a shift in consciousness all over, or I live in a bubble of such shift... because my students, my friends are all shifting... dramatically.

One friend/client/mastermind partner, we have been speaking at least once a week for over 15 years...  I have been sharing with him a lot as my world is shifting from atheism to the holographic universe, where there is intelligence, where things are not random and capricious... and until this past Sunday he listened curiously, but never from the inside... you know what I mean, like you look into a dungeon... but have no desire to enter it, neither as the person who gives, nor the one who gets the punishment... lol.

I call that mildly interested. The classic involvement of the hen in the making of a ham and eggs... I have always taken the pig's side... involved... invested, committed... completely.

This past Sunday he shared with me that someone had offered him to send over three angels who are traveling all over and need a new home to rest for three days. In return for the favor he can get three of his wished answered.

That immediately brought back the memory of this past Rosh Hashanah, with its choices of three wishes, sustenance, health, or the holy spirit...

He hungrily jumped on the opportunity to trade three days of his life for eternal bliss, or at least for a little courage.

I started writing this article three months ago, and now I am looking back at this, in amazement.

Since September, he has retired from his government job. He has taken control of a property he already owned, but didn't take responsibility for his ownership: and he is building a name for himself as the best landlord this side of the Mississipi.

Our conversations turned into search parties into his talents, and it is a ton of fun.

He may be able to accomplish his lifelong dream, becoming a millionaire in assets. Because, he sounds to me as if he had turned from sheepish to courageous: in just a few short months.

Now, figure that.

When and How You Should Argue with Your Coach?

This is important, and I hope everyone gets it.

As a coach, I often experience people taking my remarks as criticism, and are compelled to protect or defend themselves. I normally "fire them" as clients. Why? Because they are missing the point. And I am not about wasting my "Light" on black holes...

You hire a coach to point out what they can see from their point of view.

What is their point of view?

That is immaterial. The only thing that matters is that their point of view is not the same as yours, because their eyes (view... get it?) is not behind YOUR eyeballs.

When you are defending what you are doing, you are arguing for staying the same with the exact same results you have gotten thus far.

When you are willing, for a moment, to look and see what the other person is seeing, you are creating the possibility of a future, discontinuous from where your future has headed before this moment.

If my takeaway from this whole 8-week program that cost $1000 were ONLY that I should ask myself a question every time I set up an item on my todo list: "How is this going to make me money?" I would have gotten my money's worth. And more.

Often just asking this question will lead to multiples of that thousand bucks, and I have the opportunity to ask that question 4 times a day!

This is where millionaires are made, in these questions, and in the moments when a coach interferes with your "already always" way of looking at life and doing things.

Your job is to listen and look. And if you are a hotheaded Hungarian/Israeli/New Yorker, like me, you can curse under your breath, but look, nevertheless, and NEVER argue with a coach. It doesn't hurt them, it hurts YOU.

Merry Christmas.