What is an easy way to play amazon s3 audio files on your blog?

I did a little research, and if I am not misunderstanding what I read, this is what I found out for you on audio streamed from Amazon S3: you set up your audio as usual, but you put the whole url, complete with http:// as the source of the audio.

Robert Plank
In my research I found one paid and one not paid resource. The paid is Mike Stewart's software, S3 media player, you must become a member of his paid site or a plugin called micro audio for wordpres I like the last one, very small footprint, very flexible.

I wonder what Robert will say about that it could be an opening for him, maybe, for another great plugin. Robert?

I am going to test Jim Edwards audio presentation wizard, and report back to you as well. OK?

A Link

A free tool to find sites to place pcm ads... great tool

I'll admit it... I have been an internet marketing junkie. I buy more stuff than I have time to use.

Software, ebooks, reports, whole programs. Most of them are still in their wrappers or collecting "dust" on my computer.

Some, on the other hand are used and used and used.

I found something just like that this past week.

It's free, and it is amazing. I was thinking of hiring an assistant to do the work that it does, and probably the assistant would have done a worse job than this software for tons of money. I have been there, I have done that.

I am recommending this as a MUST-USE tool to anyone who wants more targeted traffic...

This free tool finds high-traffic, highly targeted sites that you can get a lot of traffic from for a lot less than normal PPC rates.

Go right now and try it...

This is a valuable free tool: http://www.sophieslist.com/

I love it. I have already got my eyes on some sites to get traffic from for an affiliate program that I had a hard time getting more traffic for. I would have had a hard time finding those sites, or it would have cost me hours of frustration to find them.

I'll probably make a Camtasia video to show how to benefit from it in the smartest way...


Your sphere of influence

I have lots of clients that struggle.

One of the common characteristics I can find is the fact that they are trying to do something big, but are surrounded by small thinking people.

Another one is that they have a small sphere of influence.

And the third one is that they don't know how to get more people to join their sphere of influence.

You will never be able to do anything really big, if you are isolated, and the "echo" that you hear about you is from people who think you are small, insignificant or crazy.

Many people go to seminars, they hang out with others there, but when they go home, they are back in their own backyard where they are considered just another wannabe.

What is the solution? What is you ARE a wannabe, but have the potential to influence thousands?

One great tool I found is twitter. And a great tool I found to build a list of followers is at http://www.sophieslist.com/tweetmillions, which is a free tool.

If life worked like it is "supposed to", it would build you a group of followers to the tune of millions, but of course life doesn't work the way it is supposed to.

But still, it is worth a try. All it takes is a minute or two...

No One CAN Do It FOR You... And Even if They Could...

Most "do-it-for-you" programs don't work. Why? Are they bad? Are they fakes, thieves, or is there something in our design as human beings that prevents us from taking advantage of these opportunities. This is what this article is about. Surprising. Documented. True.

No One CAN Do Anything FOR You... And Even if They Could...

Surprising title, isn't it? Especially from an Internet Marketer and Coach. After all, the best product to sell is something that you do for them, right?

Yes and no.

Everyone hopes that what they need can and will be done for them. So, as an Internet Marketer I can make a buttload of cash by promising that.

But here is the kicker: No one really appreciates what they get ready. Why? Are they unappreciative? Do they lack the genes for appreciation? Do they have the habit of it?


If we take what Kabbalah* says about how it all works, especially what is the inner motivator of every human being: to develop one's Self to the fullest in a lifetime by correcting the areas where they fall short from fully being their divine (giving) nature... every time someone does something FOR you, they rob you of the opportunity to do it for your Self... because the thing looks done.

Last year I participated in a cca. 6-month program that had two parts in it: 1. it promised to wipe away all negativity in my nature 2. it promised to teach me to live consistently with this cleaned divine vehicle of myself, so now that it is not hindered by the negativity, it can become a super boosted accomplishing machine bringing me riches, happiness, relationship bliss, a thin and supple body, bountiful energy, fame, fortune, whatever your heart desires.

I went into this program with a mixture of doubt, suspicion, and hope in my heart. I wanted the program mostly to get rid of the anxiety attacks, the feelings of inferiority and worthlessness that enveloped me like a dark cloud.

I wanted to experience being worthy of living on this beautiful planet, worthy to contribute to people, and worthy of happiness... all of which have eluded me in the past.

I had weekly conversations with six of the other participants for whom I was like a mentor. I gained insights I hadn't had, into what people wanted most.

I saw that people wanted their spiritual work done for them. They were willing to do hocus pocus, some mechanical self protection like visualization, affirmations, but not their spiritual work.

Spiritual work is being willing to face what is dark about you, confront it, and attempt to restrict it and weed it out of your nature.

No one can do it for you. People can be there to listen, to support you while you are doing it, but can't do the digging.

It is similar to digging for gold: you need to remove a lot of dirt. And while you are doing that, it is a good idea to have someone hold the dirt, so that you can concentrate your efforts on removing new dirt, not the same one over and over again. When you ruminate in your head, engaging in monologue, what you are doing is turning over the same dirt... that is why having someone to listen actively, so you can get to new dirt is so important.

I had two psychologists do psychoanalysis with me. The only thing they had in common was that the therapy was expensive and totally worthless. They made no input and I came to no conclusion: it was like I played with my poo-poo for years... and I also paid for it with real money.

On the other hand, in a program I took over a weekend some years ago, in a "paired" exercise, I could glimpse at something like gold, right underneath the darkness... and I never needed therapy again. The difference was that the other of the pair listened with the intention to reveal something, and so I did. What I revealed set me free in a big way.

But first it appalled me, disgusted me, mortified me... but ultimately it set me free.

Anyway, let's get back to the question, why wouldn't you appreciate what is done for you.

Your soul doesn't like handouts. Your soul doesn't want to just receive. Your soul want to live consistent with its divine nature, and therefore it will refuse any deal that is about receiving only.

Also, your soul is interested in experiencing, good and bad, bitter and sweet, painful and blissful, failure and success, and would rather not have any of it handed to it on a silver platter.

Your soul wants to work on its correction through those experiences. Everything else feels like "bread of shame" that it didn't earn.

And even when your ego wants it done for it, the soul with make you sabotage it, and you'll lose that gain that the "gift" has bought you. Just look at lottery millionaires... without exception they lose it all.

Now you have it. That is why no one can do it for you.

But one could offer doing it WITH you, supporting through the stops, the barriers, the hurdles, every step of the way.

This is what I am about. I have overcome more hurdles than most, and know how to overcome them, allowing your soul to do its work. That is what's special about me.

Don't misunderstand me, me ego wants to give it to you and move to the next chomp... but my soul won't let me. Thank G-d. This way you have someone to support you to get everything you ever wanted.

Including Internet Marketing Success.

Internet Marketing Case Study Part 1

Let me start with a little story:

There was once a farmer who had a donkey. The donkey was a real pain, it kicked and it bit...
One day the donkey fell into a well that was not in use.
The farmer tried to pull up the donkey from the well, but he did not succeed. He called for help and a few of his neighbors came, but even together they could not pull out the poor donkey.
The farmer had a change of heart and decided that the donkey was old, and it had only been trouble, so they will be all better off if they just bury the donkey. They will get rid of the old well and the donkey at the same time.
So they started to fill the well with dirt, one shovelful at a time.
The donkey, every time the dirt hit his back, shook himself and stepped up a little, on the top of the dirt. After half an hour or so, to the amazement of the farmers, the donkey stepped out of the hole and ran away. But before he ran, he bit the farmer well.
This story will play out well... in the following case study.

I will be painfully honest in this series of articles. It will be painful to me, because I will be admitting to some of my weaknesses. And it may be painful to some other marketer, who I decided not to mention by name, but he will recognize himself.

Now, the painful part: I have been in internet marketing, unconsciously and consciously, for 12-13 years.

I started by turning an offline wildly successful local magazine into an online venture, mainly because 1. printing was too expensive, 2. my health didn't make it easy for me to work that hard any longer, go to clubs, deliver magazines, go, go, go, work work work.

I didn't know I was in marketing. I was a publisher. I didn't know my main job was marketing, so I knew nothing about marketing. I did some stuff that I now consider marketing, but then... I didn't even have the word. I thought marketing was focus groups, and I despised that then.

So I didn't make any money, and only after quite a few years I started to make a full time income. By full time I mean I could pay the bills and eat. I mean I didn't have to have another job.

About five years ago I heard the word marketing in a different context, and this time it sounded like that is maybe what I should be doing... if I knew how to do it.

I started to study, but could not see how it applied to what I was already doing.

I learned that if I could build a mailing list, I could start to make more money than just paying the bills.

I met Tellman at the Underground Internet Marketing Seminar at breakfast, and shared with him. When he found out what kind of traffic my site had, he went ballistic. He was sure I was sitting on a million dollar goldmine. Everyone had always thought that, but all I could eke out is a meager living.

He told me exactly how to build a mailing list, then went his merry way. I tried. I failed at it.

I hired this coach for six months, that coach for six months... some increase, but still no mailing list.

Then I had a brainstorm, and managed to build a list of 278, fans, lovers of what I had to say, not buyers.

By that time I was successful with affiliate marketing in the self-improvement field, became good at ppc, could teach what to do (like a good basketball coach... not good at throwing baskets, lol), still no list.

In July of this year I took on a fellow bumbling, fumbling wannabe. I spoke authoritatively, so she trusted that I'll be able to guide her to make money.

She had few skills, little knowledge, so I decided that I'll teach her, but I'll use the energy of the relationship to fuel me to get through the stopping points, the rough spots, the walls I hadn't been able to go through. I wanted to scale high walls, I wanted to jump over big canyons... I wanted to become the basketball coach who can throw baskets. I wanted to become the internet marketing coach that made money doing internet marketing.

Continued in Part 2