Making A Difference... How Can YOU Make A Difference?

I have been nurturing this sense that I can make a difference in the world forever... I even remember at age 3-4 thinking about that, so it must have come from before birth...

Of course, life doesn't seem to prove it.

As a coach I may be able to change someone's behavior, maybe even contribute to them being high-minded, but all in all, my life, from the point of view of making a difference, has been a failure.

I am reaching for the starts, and I am coming up with a fistful of dirt... time and time again.

Is it because I am a bad coach? We could consider that. Or we could consider that I am a David fighting not one but a billion Goliaths in the form of media: newspapers, television, and other brainwashing devices.

I don't participate in the brainwashing much, only through clients sharing some of the input they have gotten, that penetrated their conscious, though the delivery method of these devices is hypnotic... The stuff they share has provided an insight of how come I have been an ineffective person in accomplishing my life's purpose, causing massive transformation on the planet.

I found today this amazing 5-minute video on Dr. Mercola's site. Now, Dr. Mercola is not my favorite person, but he has impeccable taste and judgment on videos, and this one is no exception.

In this movie the two parts that interplay are the turning of the hypnotic devices and adapting the new belief that you and a bunch of you can make a difference.

Pay special attention to the unexpected behavior of the buffalo, or whatever that dark-skinned animal is in the movie... I gasped. I thought: animation... but what if this is real. What if we are supposed to turn against our oppressors, and protect our own, show our strength, and take our planet back?

Watch it. It is very thought provoking and mobilizing: I can feel some power welling up in me... imagine that!

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie BenShitta Maven is a Renaissance Woman... architect, publisher, photographer, coach, marketer, teacher, but most importantly the archetype of the Pathfinder. This blog is an eclectic collection of articles that I update as in my daily practice as a friend/mentor/coach/entrepreneur I run across an idea, an distinction, a product, a procedure that will cut 'light years' from your learning curve. I won't speak about anything that is not backed by my personal experience... no promoting products that I haven't used... ever. After all I am the Pathfinder... remember? I will always walk before you, so that you know that the path you are shown is reliable and will take you where you intend to go.