Failure? Consider instead: It doesn't hit the mark

If you wanted to hit a target with a gun, what would you do?

You probably keep on shooting at it until you hit it...

If you were more sophisticated, then you would make sure you track in which direction you missed it... left, right, down or up.

The next shot would be to compensate for the miss... and then after a little while of compensation you would be able to hit the target, reliably, and every time.

What happens if you react to your first miss because someone says... "that's garbage" by becoming depressed, withdrawn, giving up, sulking... however you react other than starting to bracket to find the target with your bullet.

Game is over. Right? Or maybe you are going to do this with another target, miss it, go into the reaction, maybe try a third target... and the story goes on and on.

I want you to be sophisticated, and consider, that no matter what anyone says, missing the target is just that: Missing the target. which should be your clue of starting the process of bracketing, compensating, until you get it right. You may have to do this with anything new you do, but there are only so many new things... and before you know it, you'll be successful.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

Sophie BenShitta Maven is a Renaissance Woman… architect, publisher, photographer, coach, marketer, teacher, but most importantly the archetype of the Pathfinder.

This blog is an eclectic collection of articles that I update as in my daily practice as a friend/mentor/coach/entrepreneur I run across an idea, an distinction, a product, a procedure that will cut ‘light years’ from your learning curve.

I won’t speak about anything that is not backed by my personal experience… no promoting products that I haven’t used… ever. After all I am the Pathfinder… remember? I will always walk before you, so that you know that the path you are shown is reliable and will take you where you intend to go.