4 weeks Made Us an Expert... check it out

When we got in, we were a bunch of sissies, newbies, wannabes.

Watch what happened after just one month of bootcamp type training to this bunch of bozos...

Webinar Crusher 2.0, Robert Plank and Lance Tamashiro's just graduating another class...

I had MY 90-min webinar yesterday... want to see what I did? Go and sign up to my notification list at http://www.faststartsecrets.com


Awesome...this was very engaging, well done and informative. I've got to pull out my Kolbe analysis to see
what my scores are again. Thanks for the reminder.

I didn't see your website address on the screen to know where to go to enroll.


or this is what one of my students, Jill had to say

jrthoreson: Thank you Sophie! It was a wonderful presentation! Innovative Stuff! You are going to be famous and I can say, I was one of her first students. Boy am I the lucky onejrthoreson: We really need to drive traffic to your squeeze page jrthoreson: they can get your webinar! teachers will want it... jrthoreson: gurus are going to be wanting your methods!! jrthoreson: no, it's going to make a difference in the way internet marketers...but all learning is done

jrthoreson: it is the way to teach so people learn...and they change their mindset...to be more
5:35 PM jrthoreson: i was very impressed...it was even better than the last ones...you seemed more at home with doing this
jrthoreson: today was like you have been doing this for years..
5:36 PM jrthoreson: i didn't really even notice that...you were in command...of the whole process.
there were just a coulple little boobooos, like the link...but for your Third presentation...it was amazing!
5:37 PM me: thank you. I just got an email from William and he liked it too
jrthoreson: i really KNEW you are amazing this morning at the all apprentice call
i got it!
5:38 PM i got that we have something special in our groupjrthoreson: i Got that we are different
jrthoreson: yes, seeing us, seeing you work with others not in our group...was very enlightening
5:39 PM And Tiffany and Allen...sounded like they have been doing this for years..
jrthoreson: their voices were different
5:40 PM jrthoreson:
I was realizing that...I know...what I am doing and I am grateful
5:41 PM i feel more like an expert
jrthoreson: but not an "expert" just that I felt like I could share...
i felt strong...i suddenly just got it...it was so ...lightening quick
5:42 PM
jrthoreson: yes.....I think its the training that is changing the way I see the world...

jrthoreson: well, it's got to be the biggest movement in my life....since I learned how to....I don't know...fly planes!
you are right
5:45 PM :)

If you have time, go and watch my classmates' 90-min presentations on webinar... you'll be equally impressed.


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